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Tarot Card Reading


tarit_reader.jpg  What is Tarot

Tarot has been around for many centuries. The origins of Tarot seem to be shrouded in mystery!

A typical Tarot pack is a set of pictures richly coloured and depicting scenes full of symbolism. It is with this symbolism which represents the Mind (conscious) and the Spirit (unconscious) we interpret from more obvious to more subtle meanings. As an example, the meaning of the ‘The Devil’ card, whilst on the surface looks negative and even scary, deeper down it represents breaking free from old habits and making changes! Nothing to do with things under the bed!

Fortune telling is the most known application of the Tarot. However you have to bear in mind that the Tarot doesn’t unravel a rigid or predetermined Future; you have to take your destiny into your own hands and can choose your free will. The Future interpreted during a reading is given as a possibility rather than a certainty for that point in time only. In other words you are the boss and no one else can live your life for you!

Another less obvious application of the Tarot
is to help you to see problems from other angles and to give you freedom of choice and possible solutions rather than feeling stuck in a situation with no choice or hope. In that respect, Tarot reading can be used to great effect to ease concerns and anxiety when there seems that nothing can be done.

By analysing the events of the past which have lead to the present situation, better understanding of the roots of a problem can be made and therefore a clearer direction can be undertaken, leading to a more confident and fulfilling life and future. By accepting the naked truth without the ego clouding the picture, you can make the necessary positive changes in your life.

When conducted with professionalism and care Tarot readings in its most positive aspect can bring a genuine sense of inspiration and enlightenment, a sense of seeing clearly what was before murky and dark. Its guidance through a rough patch can boost your confidence and can also change your view on life.

By laying your life on the table (literally), you have to feel confident and at ease with the person undertaking the reading. A tarot session should be enjoyable and positive, even when life seems to be difficult, as there is always light at the end of the tunnel!

When choosing a Tarot reader, you should:

  • follow your instincts first and
  • try to find some information about the reader

Tarot consultation should be seen only as a guidance towards life at its full potential!


Tarot decks are made up from 78 cards.

Each of those cards represents a different kind of energy.

If someone tells you something you don’t like then you need to get it out of your head. So:

  • Remember your life is in your hands.
  • The future is by no means set.
  • What you are told is for that point in time, assuming that no variables in your life change.
  • What you have been told will happen is within your power to change. If you feel it is valid, heed the warning and make changes that you feel are apporpriate.
  • Find a way to turn it to your positive advantage as what you have been told will be able to help you in some way, you just need to find the way.


The tarot can help us to know ourselves better and to understand why things happen to us. Acting as an open book of philosophy and psychology, it helps us to see the deeper purpose in our lives and to understand human nature.

If you start to believe that the tarot works
- really start to be convinced of it, or on some level really know it - what does that mean? It may be worth considering this question more deeply. How is it that these cards fall in the right places? Does it mean that you believe in a God? Does it mean that all material is in some way intelligent in that it knows where to go? Or is a deeper part of you influencing the way you shuffle and select the cards and, if so, how does it know where all the cards are to put them in the right order? Accepting that the tarot works can cause a big life change for some, calling many established beliefs into question - but what a wonderful subject to consider! It brings to mind the Fool card, which symbolises stepping off a cliff into the unknown - but the Fool just knows that he'll land safely.

The tarot can be used to map out trends in your future. It cannot give you definitive answers, but it can tell you what is likely to happen if you follow your current course of action. For example, it may show that if you keep shutting yourself off from your partner, you are likely to continue being unhappy.

It may prove much more useful to examine the current issues in your life. How are you approaching your work, your family and your social life? How can you make things better for yourself? What is going on subconsciously? The tarot can help you to understand yourself better, throwing light on things that were previously far from obvious. At times you may find yourself thinking, 'Right, now I understand why I was feeling like that!' Gosh "Why  didn't I see that before".