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About Us

Magickal Myths and Metaphors is a part of the Lynda Kelly Association Group.  It is the newest addition to our organisation, born out of comments from our various client groups via our ongoing marketing. Through this new medium now added to our repertoire, we will continue to offer our therapeutic and personal development services in addition, giving access to purchase some of the tools of the trade on top of our new range of gifts and clothing.

The theme for Magickal Myths and Metaphors comes from the Middle Ages, when Merlin, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table ruled Merry England.   Across the water in France the Gothic Period was rising in Europe.  It was a time of magic, mystery, myrth and enchantment.

Magickal Myths & Metaphors reflects these themes with gifts, clothing, divination tools and much more.

At Magickal Myths & Metaphors we strive to provide a retail environment based around a little Scottish Emporium of Darkness and Light with our magical products and services and our aim is to promote and advance, public education in the fields of history, personal development and holistic therapy through various mediums.

At Magickal Myths and Metaphors we also hold the bar high with regards to quality control and outstanding customer service.  We believe that customer service is our number one priority ensuring that the customer is always informed of the progress of their purchases from selection to delivery.

Our Goals

At Magickal Myths and Metaphors we aim to provide a high quality professional service coupled with a fantastic retail experience.   It is our goal to build a long term relationship with all our customers, whilst enhancing their lifestyle and helping them achieve their personal goals of:

  • health
  • wealth
  • relationship management
  • learning

and a

  • first class shopping experience

Our Values

Our Values base is important to us and encompasses

  • respect
  • integrity
  • honesty
  • quality
  • value for money
  • professionalism

The Future For Magickal Myths & Metaphors

Magickal Myths and Metaphors builds on its successful foundations every day, developing new ideas that will benefit our customers experience and level of service. Future plans include linking with other therapy groups, educational bodies, health specialists, retail organisations and local festival organisers to bring you the best online experience in retail and therapy available online to date.

The future definitely looks bright for Magickal Myths and Metaphors.  Why not keep up to date on our progress via our many news bulletins.  Join our mailing list at no cost and keep up to date with our new and exciting products as they are added to our range.

Customer Savings

At Magickal Myths & Metaphors we concentrate on providing you with not only the best service, but the cheapest prices we can offer you for the best brand names available. Customer savings and satisfaction are the main goals here at Magickal Myths & Metaphors.

Magickal  Myths & Metaphors - bringing you the best brand names available on the market.

Dedicated team

At Magickal Myths & Metaphors we have a dedicated team running through various departments to ensure a smooth and satisfying online experience whilst shopping with us.

Our teams, who are dedicated to serve you, are listed below.

Sales We have a dedicated team to manage sales online and answer all queries quickly and efficiently. All of our sales team are fully trained to advise you on all our products and provide advise.
Customer Service Our customer service team are available to help with any changes or queries regarding your order.
Holistic Therapists We have holistic therapy specialists available to assist you with your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health related questions, wherever they can.  They can offer advice on which products and services may be most appropriate for you, to enable you to quickly achieve your goals.
IT Department Magickal Myths & Metaphors has its own IT department ensuring your online experience goes smoothly.