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Goggles/ Monocles

    Airship Pirate Eyepatch/Monocle - Steampunk, Bad Pirate, Clothing, Custom, Monocles, goggles, Steampunk Laboratory
    This smart, light and comfortable eye patch monocle made with leather, wires, rivets, brass or chome monocle.  A must for Airship Pirates..This is a fully custom item is made to order. Please  email us if you..........

    RRP: £69.00
    Price: £62.10
    You save £6.90

    Basic Steampunk Brass Goggles - Steampunk, Goggles, Custom, Steampunk Laboratory, UK
    Are you a mad scientist? Or perhaps an intrepid adventurer in deepest darkest parts of who knows where? Or maybe part of the daring crew of a sleek airship? All these people have one thing in common ... they all absolutely..........

    RRP: £99.00
    Price: £89.10
    You save £9.90

    Basic Steampunk Brass Monocle - Steampunk, Monocles, Accessories, Steampunk Laboratory
    Maybe you are a sky pirate way-laying hapless airships? Or maybe an evil mad scientist who is just one more plan away from world domination? Or you think you just look really cool with only one eye showing? We've got what..........

    RRP: £79.00
    Price: £71.10
    You save £7.90

    Deluxe Leather and Brass Goggles - Steampunk, Goggles, Custom, Clothing, Steampunk Laboratory
    Comfortable Cushioned leather oculars surrounds the eye with brass frames. The straps are connected with a brass hinge and decorated with cogs. These goggles are made to the highest standards. The brass frames carry a..........

    RRP: £149.00
    Price: £134.10
    You save £14.90

    Steampunk Goggles black and silver with ruby red lenses - Goggles, Steampunk, Accessories, Custom, Steampunk Laboratory
    Here is a plain design black and silver goggle with darkened "ruby red" colored lenses installed. can be provided in a choice of clear, red, smoke, or blue lenses.The lenses shown have a cross-hair targeting reticle on one..........

    RRP: £89.99
    Price: £82.99
    You save £7.00

    Steampunk goggles with IRIS APERTURE and MAGNIFIERS brass and black - Goggles, Steampunk, Custom, Steampunk Laboratory
    Check out this Top Quality Set of goggles with the iris aperture placed inside the lens. This one is set in combination with magnifiers on the LEFT side, giving two very badass features in one pair of goggles.This Pair of..........

    RRP: £290.00
    Price: £275.99
    You save £14.01

    targeting monocle in off-white for a STEAMPUNK GROOM - Goggles, Monocles, Steampunk Laboratory, Custom
    This is the matching monocle for the steampunk bride's goggles. It is made with the steampunk groom in mind, but you may have other notions for a particular outfit, or just to be different!The leather used for the eye cup..........

    RRP: £114.99
    Price: £99.99
    You save £15.00

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