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    Leather/Brass Cog Pouch - Steampunk, Bags, Pouches, Custom, Clothing, Steampunk Laboratory
    Hard leather cog design pouch. When ordering please specify if you require a bag, backpack or pouch. Dimensions: 6.5" X 6.5" X 2.5" . This handy pouch is in brown "Parchment" colors engraved with cog designs. This item can..........

    RRP: £89.00
    Price: £80.10
    You save £8.90

    Ornithopter Winged Backpack - Steampunk, Clothing, Steampunk Laboratory, Costumes, Custom, Backpacks, Bags
    Why walk when you can fly?  This both comfortable and lightweight Ornithopter with its 5-minute capacity (3 minutes recommended) steam reservoir is ideal for performing those mid-flight Airship boarding actions and..........

    RRP: £1,999.00
    Price: £1,799.10
    You save £199.90

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