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The Discerning Gentleman

    Darby & Trevithick's Devil - 1pt Cylinder Tankard - Steampunk, Tankards
    1 Pint Capacity 'Empire' Tankard. Thirst-quenching engineering perfection, with true locomotionconstruct casing and a hint of Ironbridge frame. Glass-bottomed, copper lidded and brass badged. Overall height approx 220mm..........

    RRP: £84.99
    Price: £76.49
    You save £8.50

    Electromagnetic Spark Inducer Wallet Chain - Steampunk, Wallet Chains, Fashion
    The powerful field generated by this massive winding can generate a 'self-inductance' phenomenon in any organ within a 3 foot, (1m), radius! With double 24" coppered chain and large trigger clip..........

    RRP: £34.50
    Price: £31.05
    You save £3.45

    Ezekiel’s Toxicum Sublimator Spirit Flask - Steampunk, Fashion, Flasks
    Revolutionary, steam induced instrument for storing and detoxifying alcohol without reducing flavour or specific gravity! 2½ fluid oz flask........

    RRP: £56.99
    Price: £49.49
    You save £7.50

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