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Steampunk Rings

    Capt. Blakely's Discreet Canno-Digitus - Steampunk, Rings, Jewellery, Alchemy Empire
    The genius artillery engineer and inventor worked with EE Rosenstein for many months to create this subtle and deadly, British Secret Service agent's, personal defence system.Alchemy Gothic Jewellery is made in the UK of the..........

    RRP: £34.99
    Price: £31.50
    You save £3.49

    Dibnah's Venesective Blast Pipe Ring - Steampunk, Fashion, Rings, Jewellery, Alchemy Empire
    Ingenious invention based on Dibnah-pioneered principles, for intravenal pressure control when travelling at very high velocity, or altitudes, i.e. over 35mph, or above 1,000 feet, (e.g the Eiffel Tower). Articulated..........

    RRP: £58.99
    Price: £53.09
    You save £5.90

    Dr. von Rosenstein's Induction Principle Ring - Steampunk, Rings, Jewellery, Fashion
    In pewter and solid brass, an authentic reproduction of Dr. Von Rosenstein's indispensable key to the induction matrix. .......

    RRP: £16.99
    Price: £13.49
    You save £3.50

    GMT Feromonic Field Detector - Steampunk, Rings, Jewellery, Alchemy Empire
    Absinthe and the Parisian bistro culture fuelled and propagated the extraordinary explosion in sinister and creative arts in ‘The Beautiful Era’ at the turn of the century..........

    RRP: £15.50
    Price: £13.95
    You save £1.55

    Hi-Voltage Toric Generator Ring - Steampunk, Rings, Jewellery, Fashion, Alchemy Empire
    Unusual, early but very highly efficient power generator to augment the energy demands of Victorian hi-tech gadgets........

    RRP: £14.99
    Price: £13.49
    You save £1.50

    Moon Phase Optimiser Ring - Steampunk, Gothic, Jewellery, Fashion, Alchemy Empire
    An amazing addition to our steampunk range.  An indispensable and large device for the seasoned time traveller, always dependant upon critical lunar positioning.  This amazing moon phase ring actually spins!..........

    RRP: £24.99
    Price: £22.49
    You save £2.50

    The J-32m Electrical Telegraph Finger Tapper - Steampunk, Rings, Jewellery, Alchemy Empire
    Early precursor to the modern mobile communications revolution, this model of straight key Morse transmitter was eventually developed into its famous latter-day US military desk standard. Tri-tone pewter with articulated..........

    RRP: £54.99
    Price: £44.99
    You save £10.00

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