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Steampunk Eyewear

    Anguistralobe - Steampunk, Eyewear, Fashion, Alchemy empire, Monocle
    Anguistralobe - Working miniature of C.18th instrument to measure the direct path of destiny between specified heavenly bodies. Pewter and brass. Sizes:  One..........

    RRP: £19.98
    Price: £17.08
    You save £2.90

    D'Duke's Polarising Monocle - Steampunk, eyeware
    Believed to be the first optical device to successfully filter polarised light waves, (however, the striated glass element has, sadly, been lost); on 20” long, fine black curb chain with T-bar..........

    RRP: £18.98
    Price: £15.28
    You save £3.70

    Rosenstein's Optical Rarefying Dilator - Alchemy empire, Steampunk
    A gloriously versatile ophthalmic device, with option settings for X-Ray, inverted or magnified vision. With ‘RealEye’, knife-switch starter and ‘ship’s telegraph’ adjustment technology;..........

    RRP: £74.98
    Price: £67.48
    You save £7.50

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