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Clocks and Sandtimers

    Basilisk Sandtimer - Clocks, Sand Timers, TimePieces, Alchemy Gothic
    In bone-resin and pewter, a 15 minute, black sand timer in the claws of terror. Approx. 7” (180mm) high........

    RRP: £79.98
    Price: £71.98
    You save £8.00

    Carpe Hora - Clocks, Time Pieces, Alchemy Gothic
    A hand from the grave, subtly reminding you of the time you have left! Cast pewter clock with quartz movement. Approx. 4” (115mm) high. .......

    RRP: £52.99
    Price: £47.69
    You save £5.30

    Death and the Maiden - Clocks, Gothic, Nemesis Now, Houseware
    Death and the Maiden is a beautiful resin wall-hanging clock featuring a deathly grim reaper clutching hold of a manacled semi-naked young lady.  This piece has been beautifully and meticulously hand painted and is..........

    RRP: £50.05
    Price: £45.05
    You save £5.00

    Grains Of Times 15.5cm - Angels, Clocks, Nemesis now, Love Everlasting Collection
    Stunning sand timer, decorated with celtic designs and red roses, the top and bottom are heart shaped with a red gem in the center of the heart.Part of the Nemesis Now Premium Collectionapprox. 15.5cm..........

    RRP: £31.68
    Price: £28.51
    You save £3.17

    Quinquerosa - Steampunk, clocks, Time Pieces, Alchemy Gothic, Empire
    Quinquerosa is the name of the alchemical symbol of the five petalled black rose, combined with the pentagram of the microcosm, which represents the achievement of the Opus Magnus and the perfection of man. Alchemy's three..........

    RRP: £179.99
    Price: £161.99
    You save £18.00

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