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Houseware and Furniture

    Alchemist's Potion Bottle - Drinking, Flasks, Gothic, Alcohol, Alchemy Gothic
    “What is Poison to one, may be Elixir to another”. Based on a Victorian Apothecary potion bottle, this ornately embossed 2½ fl.oz. flask acts as both temptation & warning. Features a fully 3D modelled..........

    RRP: £40.99
    Price: £36.89
    You save £4.10

    Altar Goblet - Goblets, Drinking, Medieval, Gothic, Vampire, Alchemy Gothic
    A simple, but elegant polished goblet, deeply embossed on both sides with a powerful, double-interwoven pentagram. For charmed secular or ceremonial use. 5” (138mm) high........

    RRP: £32.99
    Price: £29.69
    You save £3.30

    Apollonie Absinthe Goblet - Drinking, Chalices, Tableware, Absinthe Collection, Alchemy Gothic
    Named after Apollonie Sabatier, mid-C19th Parisian artist's model, muse lover of poet, Charles Baudelaire, and subject of his famous poem, ‘Les Fleurs du Mal'. Sabatier & Baudelaire were both model absinthedrinking..........

    RRP: £89.99
    Price: £80.99
    You save £9.00

    Basilisk Sandtimer - Clocks, Sand Timers, TimePieces, Alchemy Gothic
    In bone-resin and pewter, a 15 minute, black sand timer in the claws of terror. Approx. 7” (180mm) high........

    RRP: £79.98
    Price: £71.98
    You save £8.00

    Black Death Goblet - Goblets, Drinking, Medieval, Gothic, Vampire, Alchemy Gothic
    An authentic English Middle Ages plague cross stands as tribute to the dreadfully ill-fated half of the population which suffered unimaginable horrors and inevitably succumbed in agonising death to the inexorable buboes;..........

    RRP: £129.99
    Price: £116.99
    You save £13.00

    Black Rose Ale Glass - Glassware, Tankards, Alchemy Gothic
    A classic, straight-sided 1 pint (600ml) ale glass, but in black glass and branded with an antiqued pewter badge of Triple X, Black Rose Ale........

    RRP: £27.99
    Price: £25.19
    You save £2.80

    Caput Ovum Egg Cup - Dining, Tableware, Alchemy Gothic
    Crack-open a skull for breakfast every morning! Solid cast and polished pewter cup........

    RRP: £18.98
    Price: £17.08
    You save £1.90

    Carpe Hora - Clocks, Time Pieces, Alchemy Gothic
    A hand from the grave, subtly reminding you of the time you have left! Cast pewter clock with quartz movement. Approx. 4” (115mm) high. .......

    RRP: £52.99
    Price: £47.69
    You save £5.30

    Celestial Angels Picture Frame - Picture Frames, Gothic Picture Frames, Alchemy Gothic
    The 5” (145mm) high gothic frame is supported by two divinely angelic guardians. Dare you put your picture within this..........

    RRP: £32.99
    Price: £29.69
    You save £3.30

    Chalisbury Grail - Goblets, Drinking, Medieval, Gothic, Vampire, Alchemy Gothic, Gothic Goblets, Medieval Goblets, Vampire Goblets
    A faithful reproduction, created from an early C.17th drawing, of the cup from the Grail Myth, said to have been concealed in Chalisbury Cathedral from at least the 11th century. 12 cm (4”) high and 13 cm (5”)..........

    RRP: £49.99
    Price: £44.99
    You save £5.00

    Chrysler-Bat Shot Glass - Glassware, Shot Glass, Alchemy Gothic
    Evoking the grandest period of brave, new creative design and the spirit of sky-rocketing New York in the 1920's........

    RRP: £24.99
    Price: £19.99
    You save £5.00

    Cobweb Jewellery Box - Jewellery, Box, Nemesis Now, Wiccan, Pagan
    This wonderful jewellery box, with its bright colours and detailed design, is sure to be a great keepsake, and is presented in a beautiful gift box. The box has detailed design complete with cobwebs, spiders and pentagrams..........

    RRP: £31.68
    Price: £28.51
    You save £3.17

    Coffin - Drinking, Flasks, Gothic, Alcohol, Alchemy Gothic
    Dead man's flask with ‘minina caput' crest. 4oz capacity........

    RRP: £35.99
    Price: £32.39
    You save £3.60

    Dante's Inferno Coffin - Drinking, Flasks, Gothic, Alcohol, Alchemy Gothic
    Slim 4oz coffin flask inset with a bone-resin carving depicting the medieval descent to hell........

    RRP: £37.99
    Price: £34.19
    You save £3.80

    Dead Spider - Drinking, Flasks, Gothic, Alcohol, Alchemy Gothic
    Thin 4oz disc flask embossed with arachnid remains........

    RRP: £28.99
    Price: £26.09
    You save £2.90

    Death - Flasks, Alcohol, Hip Flasks, Alchemy Gothic, Drinking
    A smooth 6oz stamped flask with a plain mask of Death casting on the front, topped with a three-faced Death head screw top........

    RRP: £37.99
    Price: £34.19
    You save £3.80

    Death and the Maiden - Clocks, Gothic, Nemesis Now, Houseware
    Death and the Maiden is a beautiful resin wall-hanging clock featuring a deathly grim reaper clutching hold of a manacled semi-naked young lady.  This piece has been beautifully and meticulously hand painted and is..........

    RRP: £50.05
    Price: £45.05
    You save £5.00

    Desertspoon - Tableware, cutlery, Dessert, Spoon, Dining, Alchemy Gothic

    RRP: £16.98
    Price: £15.28
    You save £1.70

    Domnesca - Light Base, Lighting, Candles, Candle Base, Alchemy Gothic
    A hauntingly beautiful, empowering Sapphire Swarovski crystal is quiescently suspended within this elegant, Transylvanian gothic centrepiece........

    RRP: £44.99
    Price: £40.49
    You save £4.50

    Draco Table 77.5cm - Dragons, Furniture, Tables, Houseware, Nemesis Now
    Glass and Resin Side Table featuring a dragon holding onto the glass table.  The dragon's head comes up through the glass table.Standing at 77.5 cm high, 70 cm wide, what a real talking point! This stunning work of..........

    RRP: £230.00
    Price: £207.00
    You save £23.00

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