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    'de Sade' Note Pad - Gifts, Giftware, notepads, Alchemy Gothic
    Matching, sculpted pewter and MDF stand, with Alchemy printed note-block. Replacement notepads are also available........

    RRP: £27.99
    Price: £25.19
    You save £2.80

    'de Sade' Quill Ball Pen & Holder - Gifts, Giftware, Alchemy Gothic
    The 'de Sade' Quill Ball Pen & Holder is made to take standard refills the ball pen is modelled with an enhanced traditional writing quill and rests in a faux 'ink bottle' stand.  This is a perfect Gothic gift for..........

    RRP: £29.99
    Price: £26.99
    You save £3.00

    Alchemy Arcana Playing Card Casket - Games, Gifts, Giftware, Alchemy Gothic
    Pewter, desk-top card casket, complete with Alchemy Arcana playing cards. .......

    RRP: £29.99
    Price: £26.99
    You save £3.00

    Alchemy Arcana Playing Cards - Games, Gifts, Giftware, Alchemy Gothic
    Deck of full colour playing cards featuring 53 classic Alchemy Gothic Artworks........

    RRP: £5.50
    Price: £4.95
    You save £0.55

    Alchemy Tarot Card Set - Divination, Alchemy Gothic
    Divine your spiritual path through the esoteric wisdom of the Tarot. A fully illuminated oracle of classic Alchemy imagery. With 78 uniquely different images........

    RRP: £16.99
    Price: £13.99
    You save £3.00

    Alpha Omega -Secret Shot Cane - Walking Canes, Sticks, Giftware, Alchemy Gothic
    The mysterious seals & sigils engraved upon The Alchemist's skull represent the arcane knowledge of thousands of years of secret wisdom and fortuitously conceal a 1fl.oz. (50ml) double-shot volume of liquor within the..........

    RRP: £127.99
    Price: £115.19
    You save £12.80

    Basilisk Sandtimer - Clocks, Sand Timers, TimePieces, Alchemy Gothic
    In bone-resin and pewter, a 15 minute, black sand timer in the claws of terror. Approx. 7” (180mm) high........

    RRP: £79.98
    Price: £71.98
    You save £8.00

    Beast's Claw - Walking Canes, Sticks, Giftware, Alchemy Gothic
    The ultimate gentleman's cane, displaying a heady embodiment of elegance, mysticism and ferocity. Feel the smooth crystal ball rotate in your hand, within the grasp of the handpolished pewter claw. Alchemy Gothic Jewellery..........

    RRP: £99.99
    Price: £89.99
    You save £10.00

    Carpe Hora - Clocks, Time Pieces, Alchemy Gothic
    A hand from the grave, subtly reminding you of the time you have left! Cast pewter clock with quartz movement. Approx. 4” (115mm) high. .......

    RRP: £52.99
    Price: £47.69
    You save £5.30

    Cemetery Gate Book-End - Gifts, Giftware, Alchemy Gothic, Book ends
    Modelled on the famous C.19th ‘Gaslight' photo, believed to have been taken in Highgate, London. 9” (229mm) high; black pewter & bone-resin........

    RRP: £37.99
    Price: £34.19
    You save £3.80

    Dragonette card Casket - Games, Gifts, Giftware, Alchemy Gothic
    Playing card sized pewter casket, bearing an exquisitely sculpted, diagonally symmetrical Dragon lid; includes Alchemy Arcana playing cards........

    RRP: £29.99
    Price: £26.99
    You save £3.00

    Gears of Progress Shot Glass - Glassware, Shot Glass, Alchemy Gothic
    Every respectable, pioneering-minded gentleman of the new age of progress should raise a toast to The Empire with just such a noble jigger........

    RRP: £24.99
    Price: £19.99
    You save £5.00

    Litternere - Jewellery Stand, Jewellery, Alchemy Gothic
    An unquestioning servant arisen from its stifling grave in devoted supplication to its pampered mistresses' assistance. A dramatically different and substantial jewellery stand, poised to be casually draped with all the..........

    RRP: £69.98
    Price: £62.98
    You save £7.00

    Magic Box - Games, Gifts, Giftware, Alchemy Gothic
    Ceremonial, esoteric temple in miniature, bearing magic spell scripting and the sigils, names and likenesses of four great and positively influential demons, invoked to ensure health (Buer), love and romance (Saleos), wit,..........

    RRP: £39.99
    Price: £35.99
    You save £4.00

    Marquis de Lune - Walking Canes, Sticks, Giftware, Alchemy Gothic
    Ornate, cast pewter top, mounting a giant, 27mm, sparkling, multi-faceted Austrian Swarovski crystal, as befitting the noble nocturn.Alchemy Gothic Jewellery is made in the UK of the finest lead-free pewter. Some pieces..........

    RRP: £99.99
    Price: £89.99
    You save £10.00

    Metalised Alchemist Gear Knob - Car Accessories, Gear Knobs, Alchemy gothic
    Cold cast polished pewter coloured gear knob........

    RRP: £24.99
    Price: £22.49
    You save £2.50

    Mortius Desk Assistant - Stationary, Alchemy Gothic
    The truly alternative and incredibly functional desk accessory, combining a double pencil sharpener, an unmissable note-holder, paperweight and a suitably intimidating, “I mean business” desk icon/war trophy..........

    RRP: £19.98
    Price: £17.98
    You save £2.00

    Parisienne Absinthe Spoon - Absinthe Collection, Alchemy Gothic
    Alchemy's 'Notre Dame' gothic tracery version of the classic Parisian, 'Bon Temp' absinthe spoon; the essential accessory for preparing your luxurious wormwood delicacy in truly decadent style and with apposite company: set..........

    RRP: £42.99
    Price: £36.99
    You save £6.00

    Quinquerosa - Steampunk, clocks, Time Pieces, Alchemy Gothic, Empire
    Quinquerosa is the name of the alchemical symbol of the five petalled black rose, combined with the pentagram of the microcosm, which represents the achievement of the Opus Magnus and the perfection of man. Alchemy's three..........

    RRP: £179.99
    Price: £161.99
    You save £18.00

    Rosebone's Oath - Desk Set, Stationary, Alchemy Gothic
    The mortal remains of Rosebone, the 18th Century's darkest, most mysterious and feared pirate, in the form of a hinged skull-pot and bones mounted on a cryptic cipher ring pronouncing: “Rosebone's oath of blood, 7 dead..........

    RRP: £54.99
    Price: £49.49
    You save £5.50

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